Will and Josef (who would later be known as That Level) first connected in 2007 when they created the groundbreaking start up Visualive TV. Before smart TVs, Apple TV, Chromecast or Firestick, before live Tweets at events, there was Visualive TV. Visualive socialized televisions and pioneered the use of Twitter at large scale events. Locals used Visualive.tv and Twitter to instantly publish creative promotional content to a vast network of TVs around town. It was years ahead of it’s time, and it’s what took Will and Josef’s lives to That Level.

With the release of the iPhone and rise of smart phones, Will and Josef realized that virtually every person would essentially be carrying around smart TVs in their pockets and tapping into the mobile app market would be imperative.

Will and Josef soon launched ERLI, an ambitious approach to music streaming which caught the attention of so many people that other start-ups began enlisting Will and Josef for help with developing their own apps; a happy accident which spawned tech development, media, and consultant firm known as That Level.

While helping countless startups build and market their applications throughout the years, That Level continues to develop and showcase new innovative projects of their own.  Some of their most notable projects include:

ERLI – a limited edition streaming music app where That Level orchestrated the exclusive release of a Jasmine V song & video featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Peep – a mobile gaming video integration that allowed Jermaine Dupri’s fans to see and interact directly w/ him in the game 4 Lanes.

Task Force Chip – a cult-like figure in hip hop that would help usher in the age of viral hip hop personas (e.g. Lil Tay).

DD172 Pop Up – A one time event hosted by Dame Dash that showcased art, music, fashion, and cutting edge technology.